Asset Management

Underwater Solutions Inc. is proud to announce the first of its kind complete custom tailored infrastructure asset management program. Through years of development, this program will offer innovative technology to give complete access to historical records, current and future planning and all pertinent information regarding your system to city and town officials on one centralized platform.


Phase I:  Initial Free On-Site Consultation

  • 5-minute aerial drone footage by certified drone pilot and professional grade drone, to include still photos and live mapping of structures.
  • Uploading of design/build drawings, historical records and other pertinent document sharing
  • Our representative will initiate and implement your free customer portal access


Our Routine compliance Inspection and cleaning of tanks or any other structures will come with FREE access to our asset management platform. The inspection report with a custom designed asset management plan will uploaded and available to all inspection customers. No commitment or contract for future services are required but can be selected after the information is provided.

Phase II:  In-depth Inspection

Concrete Structure- In-service detailed inspection of all interior surfaces with professionally trained tank divers, to include real time video, structural integrity assessment of deficiencies such as, spall, voiding, cracking and protective coatings with precise measurements of each deficiency to minimize cost when rehabbing. Full exterior inspection to include structural integrity, protective coatings, safety components and sanitary/security conditions and much more.

Steel Structures- In-service detailed inspection of all interior surfaces with professionally trained tank divers, to include real time video, structural integrity assessment of deficiencies utilizing non-destructive testing to include, Ultrasonic thickness, dry film thickness and pit depth testing, as well as a full corrosion assessment and much more

Reports for each structure will be uploaded into your profile with 24/7 access to this information which can be viewed in routine board/selectman meetings and on any device at any time.

Phase III:  Custom Tailored Plan

Our asset management team of Professional Engineers, Certified Water Operators, Coating Manufacturers and Tank Rehabilitation Specialists will customize your asset management plan in your portal based on detailed conditions of your specific structures and according to your budget on a year-to-year, 5-year, 10-year and 15-year basis.

These plans are designed to return your structure to "like new" over a given period of time, rather than industry competition that suggests beginning with multimillion dollar upgrades, putting you in immediate unnecessary debt.

  • Hassle Free
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Tasks can be completed as needed according to your budget, or completely turn-key through a long term contract.

Phase IV:  You're Off to The Races

All aspects of compliance details, sanitary upgrades, security upgrades, safety upgrades, aesthetics and rehabilitation of each structure are handled by one company with seamless communication, transparency and the most intricate automated system ever rolled out in the drinking water industry- Underwater Solutions, Inc.

Recent Rehab

Before and After Rehab

Recent Upgrades

Installation of (2) risers with hinged covers within (2) underground water storage tanks.
Before, During, After - Riser
Installation of 24" manway and cover on steel water storage tank.
Before, During, After - Manway