Our Approach

Underwater Solutions Inc. is not only the nation's largest, it is the most qualified corporation to conduct in-service water tank inspection and cleaning projects.

We are a water tank and clearwell inspection firm working with utilities nationwide unlike other competitive companies whom work underwater in other environments.

As the sister corporation to Water Solutions Consultants, we solely focus on the requirements set forth by the federal and local governmental agencies for conducting projects relative to finished drinking water.

Underwater Solutions Inc. completes the inspections and cleanings of water storage facilities throughout the United States for several hundred utilities annually assisting in compliance with the regulatory standards set forth.

Our crews are extensively trained in many areas to include inspection, diving, water operations, OSHA safety, confined space, first aid and the usage of many tools including camera equipment. We focus on utility requirements including safety practices and the security involved in protecting drinking water supplies.

Our ongoing goals are to continue to grow through managing our efforts in such a way that we expand not only our knowledge of new technology, yet the continuing improvements in drinking water standards implemented by regulatory agencies.

Underwater Solutions has been conducting inspections and cleaning of water storage facilities since 1989 and continue to be the first choice of utilities, engineering firms and health department officials throughout the United States when in-service inspections and cleanings are required.