Commercial Diving, Water Quality Consultants
Welcome to Underwater Solutions, Inc.

Underwater Solutions Inc. is committed solely to the drinking water industry, conducting inspections and cleanings of water storage tanks, clearwells and river crossings. Our position in the field of drinking water supply as the largest, most knowledgeable and qualified company, makes us the first choice when professionals compare our services to others.

We have made our mark through unparalleled experience and qualifications to include our associate sister company, Water Solutions Consultants, who specializes in water analysis and treatment application programs.

Our staff members are not maintenance people, rather certified specialists in water quality and storage facility inspection.

Complete sanitization of all gear, to include the inspector entering your facility, is achieved in our preparation of your project and again on site prior to entry.

Underwater Solutions provides underwater inspection, cleaning and repair of water storage tanks

Completing an inspection of a finished water storage facility, utilizing a trained inspector wearing commercial diving gear, saves down time and money, yet must be completed by a properly insured, trained and certified inspector under fully sterile conditions.   Find out More

Safe, Sanitary and we will save you money and aggravation in the long run.

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